Sample Letter



The Honorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

United States House of Representatives

Dear Ms. Ocasio-Cortez,

Recently, we heard that your favorite kinds of milk are vegan oat and cashew milks, which are the perfect choices for someone promoting environmentally friendly policies. The science couldn’t be clearer: The choices that we make every day, especially concerning what we eat, impact the entire world. We applaud you for pushing for a Green New Deal, as we must reclaim the Earth from those who promote animal suffering and ill health, pollute poor communities, and profit from environmental degradation. Also, we ask that you add an important component to the proposal: the promotion of vegan food policies. Here are some of the compelling reasons why:

Animal agriculture is a leading emitter of greenhouse gases and is complicit in many other serious environmental problems that we face today. More often than not, the highest density of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are built near low-income communities, which experience significantly more incidents of disease and chronic health conditions than other poor communities do. Also, meat consumption is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer, yet the interests of the industry—propagated by millions of dollars spent on lobbying and direct support to political campaigns—continue to dominate American food and agricultural policies.

Many policy choices could help address animal agriculture’s long shadow over our health and environment. For example, the organization PETA has called for an excise tax on meat and supported corporate and government initiatives that increase access to vegan foods. Including a program to make the transition from meat, egg, and dairy farming to plant-based agriculture in the Green New Deal would help workers stay employed while simultaneously encouraging healthful eating and the development of green industry.

Please see the supplemental fact sheet (available here) for more information. 


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